Friday, 27 July 2007

Macanet de Cabrenys

Two posts in one day, as I have not been able to find a computer!

The last few days have not been very exiting really. The area is mainly forested hills, and there are few other people to see. The French couple, Alain and his wife, who I usually see at some point during the day have gone, although I think they have had a rest day and are now one day behind. I´ve slept mostly in the tent, and experienced the worst campsite in the world at Albanya, with bored rude staff, pitches made of hard dirt and rocks, phones that cut out as you are arranging your flight etc. Moan over, I slept better the next night in the grounds of a ruined abbey.

I have a challenge for anyone who wants to do this walk. Watch the film Pans Labyrinth before going, then when you get to the Irati forest where there are many remains from the Civil War, find an old defensive line of bunkers, now dilapidated and overgrown by forest and camp alone their overnight. Spooky to say the least.

I have 4 days left so suspect this may be my last post. I am at the lovely town in the title, and have found very nice hostal with great facilities, and the next two nights require wild camping and the days will be long and hot.

Many thanks to all that have made a donation and it was good to hear from you Martin. I am still using your water bottle thanks.

A few observations:

  • Pine cones are like Ninja death stars to the pyrenean walker. The little round hard ones bunch together like marbles and roll you off balance into horrible bushes and trees.

  • A line of ants will pause momentarily as they detect your foot fall, the effect is bizarre in that they appear to be marching in time to your step.

  • Flies will try to hitch a ride on the back of any exposed elbow.


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