Monday, 12 March 2007

Preparation - March 2007

Hi there

Preparation for the trek are ongoing with 3 months to go. I spent Saturday doing a 26k walk over the Yorkshire Dales in the rain, wind and cold. My knee seems to be fine with no pain at all, as long as I keep up with the physiotherapy routine. It's strange that small focused exercise can make such a difference. My kit list is growing, and a I acquired a Rab Vapour-rise jacket for the walk, which I am really impressed with. E-bay is helping keep the costs down, and if Tracey recovers some of her bank charges she has promised to spend some of it on a new Osprey rucsac for me.

The Spanish CD is getting about 30 minutes a day in the car, but I really could do with lessons.

Tracey and the kids have still not decided if they want to meet me at some point. I suppose it will come down to cost and we will check out flights nearer the date.

I'm not sure when to actively start chasing sponsorship. People will be charitied out what with Red Nose Day shortly. I guess around Easter time will be about right. My reason for choosing Combat Stress is two-fold. I've always thought that mental health charities are generally under-financed, and I have a good deal of sympathy for people in the forces who suffer this way as a result of seeing active service. The effect on themeselves and their families of PTSD is pernicious and mis-understood. CS seem to be a very pragmatic, effective and efficient organisation, and I expect their need will only grow in future years.

To find out more about the impact of PTSD, read the following:

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