Monday, 23 April 2007

Preparation April 2007

My training continues with a good Easter Camping in the Langdale valley with the family. My goodness though it was busy; the path up to Pavey Arc was a conveyer belt, but things were quieter up on Bow Fell and Crinkle Crags. Each day was the equivalent height and distance of a GR11 day but without full weight and still hard going. Grim realisation has set in of the task ahead.

Flights are booked: £38 quid outgoing to Bilboa and £44 for the return from Barcelona on Easyjet to Liverpool so result there. I’ve picked up Macpac rucksack for a good price from a local outdoors shop. It feels sturdy, not like some of the others I’ve tried which seem a bit flimsy. Another overnight test this weekend has reminded me that ear plugs will be useful, as the tents next door had 10 teenaged girls (my daughter’s sleepover party). However, I don’t think any mountain hut full of snoring Spaniards will ever compete with that din!

A couple of people have asked about the mental preparation, and aftermath of a total lifestyle change for seven weeks. The concern is that I will go slightly mad during this time, and lots of people say “What, on your own?” when I tell them about this. But I will have an mp3 phone/radio with music and several audio books if I get too lonely. I don’t mind my own company, but will welcome anyone who wants to pop over to Spain to meet up for a few days on the trail. How will I cope upon my return? Well Tracey tells me there will be seven weeks of DIY jobs to catch up on so at least I’ll be busy.

Thanks to those who have sponsored me so far. The London Marathon is over now, so I will give people a few weeks to recover from charity fatigue before I start actively chasing sponsorship.

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