Monday, 28 May 2007

Training – May

My training suffered a bit of a blow after my last post as I had a bout of the Shingles. The spotty blighters are not really a problem, but they leave a legacy of pain known as ‘post herpetic neuralgia’ which is a damaged nerve on one side of the body. Anyway, after some rest and gentle build up I am back on track, and this weekend completed a 2 day trek from the Conway Valley to Llanberris via Moel Siabod and an overnight camp under Snowdon. With a sort of zigzag around the Snowdon Massif it was about 20k each day, with full kit, and 1800m of ascent in bad conditions and over rough terrain. I felt really good the day after, and look forward to the physical effects that 7 weeks continual walking will bring. My two best favourite items on this trip are the Terra Nova tent and the Snugpac sleeping bag.

If you’re in the area I can recommend beans on toast from the Tŷ Mawr tea shop in Rhyd Ddu. It is run by a young couple who serve good homely food, generous servings, reasonable prices and a friendly welcome. Whilst I was there, a group of soaking Para’s arrived with full kit. John the owner sat them in front of the coal stove, and stored their kit in the kitchen, Claire delivered hot food and drinks from the kitchen. An elderly local couple sat bemused in the corner whilst tucking into full cooked dinner.

Please visit them: they also do B&B.

Talking of food, my Frankenstein camp stove works well and cooking up sausage and onions in the tent porch as it was raining and blowing a gale outside was a good feeling. My 22 year old Gore-Tex jacket has seen better days though. It acts like an absorbent kitchen towel despite having grangers and nikwax thrown at it. I shall have to ditch any attachment to it, and spend out on some fancy new one.

I have one more weekend of training left, when I shall nip up to the lakes for 2 solid days. The final weekend before I leave will involve Tracey and I taking a trip to Windsor races for a company bash, where any benefits from training will be washed away.

Above is a picture from the area; not from this walk as it was too wet to get the camera out. It is from Tryffan, and is a montage of the view looking into the Ogwen Valley.

Next post from Spain!


Geoff Winston said...


Just to say all the best for the trip. I hope you find it out there.


jb said...

Did you have any problems with the "Snowdon Massif"? I hear they can be quite unruly so suggest you pack a hoody in your equipment so you can sneak though un-noticed. If challenged, just respond with 'bovvered?'. one more question, is this an informal extension of the ifs support website and do you provide case id's?